Meet The New Optimus Prime, Same As The Old Optimus Prime

The reboot looks less rebooty when you see Optimus Prime's truck form from TRANSFORMERS 4.

Paramount has officially released the first three images of the only cast members from Trans4mers that anyone cares about: the cars. Leading the pack is the new Optimus Prime, who looks an awful lot like the old Optimus Prime. Along for the ride are this Bugatti:

And this gorgeous Corvette Stingray:

I wish Michael Bay had taken a page from Furious 6 and just used lovely old muscle cars. That would have been absolutely wonderful.

Transformers fans are speculating that the Bugatti is a character named Drift, who first appeared in a recent comic. They also think that the Stingray is Slingshot, a G1 Transformer who was a plane in the cartoons, so I don't know why they think that. Of course none of this matters, as none of the robots will have personlaties and will likely be indistinguishable from each other when transformed. 

The barely redesigned Optimus Prime proves that Bay wasn't lying when he said this wasn't a reboot, as initially reported, but rather a fresh start. Thank god those previous three films are still in continuity.