PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS Still Looks Surprisingly Good

It'll bring out the young adult in you.

Once again, we have a trailer for the Percy Jackson sequel, Sea of Monsters, and once again, it looks kind of badass, in a kiddie way at least. I love Greek Gods, I love monsters, and I've long been a fan of films in which Anthony Stewart Head casually pontificates while being a centaur. So aside from the kid stuff, this movie was made for me.

But you can't really get away from those kids, can you? Much as I want to hang out with Nathan Fillion, Sean Bean, Stanley Tucci, and the aforementioned Anthony Head, they aren't likely to take up as much real estate in this film as we'd all like. Instead we'll be spending most of the film amongst puberty personified.

Maybe it'll be okay, though. The first Percy Jackson wasn't bad so much as it was just boring. Judging from this trailer, they really upped the ante here. Perhaps they made the main characters more interesting as well. We'll see on August 7.