MACHETE KILLS Trailer Beheads Subtlety With Long, Machete-Shaped Knife

Guns and boobs: literally together at last.

We all see the same filmmaker when it comes to Robert Rodriguez. But some like what he does, and some do not. This has become especially true lately, as the director has thrown off all pretense and gone all wacky grindhouse, all the time. Just look at the fake film scratches adorning his and Danny Trejo's introduction to this trailer.

But while Rodriguez's films and aesthetic are paper-thin by design, Machete's stance as a neo Latino folkhero story lent it an element of gravitas other Rodriguez films have lacked. I don't know if any of that will be present in Machete Kills. But if this trailer is any indication I doubt it.

Actually, a lot of this trailer disappoints, shock-wise. The best it can offer is a bunch of stunt casting, which, I have to admit, is enticing. It doesn't really reflect on the film at all, but "Carlos Estevas" is a joke whose balls have dropped.

This is a movie meant to be seen, hooted at, and forgotten. Will it live up to those standards? We'll find out July 31. If nothing else, I love having films headlined by Danny Trejo.