Secure The Future Of The Denver Film Society!

They've launched a very cool new program, and you can help.

Our friends at the Denver Film Society need our help. In the coming months and years, many of our favorite movies will only be available on digital platforms. 

Now, I know. That sucks. It's not our preference and it's not within our power to change. 

However, we do have it in our power to ensure that evolving technology doesn't limit our access to those favorite films. That's the mission of DFS - to continue to bring audiences the best titles and present them in the best way possible. How are they doing that? 

I'll let their Kickstarter campaign summary take it from here: 

The Denver Film Society (DFS) needs your help raising funds to acquire 4 new digital projectors – equipment that will allow us to program and offer a full array of screenings at the organization’s diverse venues including: Film on the Rocks, the Sie FilmCenter, and the Starz Denver Film Festival red-carpet premieres at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

By the end of 2013, the film industry will only distribute new films in a digital format (DCP). Even classic Film on the Rocks titles like THE BIG LEBOWSKI, TOP GUN and THE GOONIES have been converted to digital. The potential impact to the Denver Film Society and film-lovers throughout the region is significant. Without DCP projectors we will not be able to show these older films or any new films produced by Hollywood!

As the leading not-for-profit film organization in the state of Colorado for more than 35 years, our goal is to continue to bring the great films, festivals and exciting events that you have come to expect.

To do that, we must respond to the new Hollywood and film industry standard and purchase DCP projectors immediately.

In other words, we have to be proactive. We either go digital or we lose the ability to deliver the most complete film offerings.

With your help, that won’t happen.

So they're looking to raise $150,000 to acquire these projectors. And here's the kick: every year the DFS hosts The Big Lebowski at the gorgeous Red Rocks Amphitheatre‎. Audience members who pay for a $25 ticket to the screening will automatically be donating $25 to the cause. This will make for the biggest Kickstarter donor party EVER, because Red Rocks Amphitheatre holds 8,000 people!

As you can see, this is a seriously cool endeavor. Obviously Badasses of Denver should donate, but so should we all. 

Check out their Kickstarter page here.