TRANFORMERS 4’s Bumblebee Now Has A Whole New Look

He's still a car, though.

Transformers 4 is getting all geared up, and you can tell because each car involved has been getting its senior pictures taken. So far we've seen two dumb looking new cars and the "new" version of Optimus Prime. Now we get to see the new Bumblebee. Why they want to keep Bumblebee at all is beyond me, but here he is all the same, just before he snubs out a cigarette and drives off into cowboy oblivion.

As you can see, the new Bumblebee is merely a car (a 1967 Camaro, according to my deadbeat, no-good Uncle Cid). Once he turns into one million moving shards of indistinguishable metal, he may still look like the old Bumblebee. Whether he can talk or not probably depends on whether or not this car has a radio. Or whether or not Michael Bay remembers that Bumblebee could talk at the end of the first film. Or whether or not Michael Bay remembers which one was Bumblebee.

I always forget that with this new world of Michael Bay Transformers films, we aren't just getting feature length commercials for toys but for actual automobiles as well. Not just cars either, but cars for rich people. It's almost baffling how little that computes.

Anyway, Bumblebee looks happier and tougher now that he no longer has to put up with Sam Winkwinky's constant abuse. Hopefully, he finds a more compassionate owner with Mark Wahlberg or whoever.