Was Your Dad In A Band?

Tell Drafthouse Films - they want to know more than anybody else. 

This an extremely important question because Drafthouse Films wants to know more than anybody else. My dad was in a band. Yes, they were called The High Spirits. And in 1965 they had a chart-topping regional hit with a garage rock cover of Bobby "Blue" Bland's "(Turn On) Your Love Light" allowing them to tour the country, goddamnit. That is not them pictured above, I wish it was though. I unfortunately do not know at all who that is pictured above. But study the photo anyway, its details truly awe-inspire.

Approaching the late '60s, my dad's band's sound evolved into something more low-fi and psychedelic. I dug out an old demo tape and converted their song "Groovin' With The Stone Fox" to MP3, which you can listen to on our brand new website titled simply and appropriately My Dad Was In A Band. The track is like closing your eyes and awaking in a damp, smoked-filled, wood-panelled '60s suburban basement.

Drafthouse Films' latest release A Band Called Death chronicles the better-than-fiction discovery story of three black brothers' jaw-dropping punk-before-punk band and is currently raging on iTunes, Video OnDemand and on the film's official website prior to its national theatrical release. We have decided to launch My Dad Was In A Band as a celebratory companion to one of the film's most touching moments. In the film, the three sons of Death bassist Bobby Hackney deliver a moving on-camera interview about first discovering their dad's should-have-been-pioneering music, which eventually led them to form a touring tribute band called Rough Francis.

We're not asking that much from you, but if your dad was in a band of any kind ('70s prog rock especially) please tell us about it. You can share vintage photographs, video, and yes, MP3s. Beyond just sharing my dad rocking, we want to build the definitive archive of rare, unheard music and the world's children may be the only way to de-attic it. Who knows, we may find the next buried gem that someone will make a documentary about.

WAS YOUR DAD IN A BAND? Tell us right here. Seriously. And visit the website at www.mydadwasinaband.com.