BLADE RUNNER Sequel Gets BLADE RUNNER Sequel-Appropriate Screenwriter

This does not bode well.

Surely there are some Blade Runner fans out there who gets excited by the prospect of Ridley Scott returning to one of his most beloved worlds for another go. Those people have to exist, right?

Well, even if they held onto hope after Prometheus, this one might finally knock them off their naivetré (made-up word; don't look it up). The Wrap has it that Michael Green, writer of the much beloved Green Lantern, is negotiating for screenwriting duties on the still hypothetical film, which would hypothetical be directed by Ridley Scott and even more hypothetically star Harrison Ford.

Supposedly, there's already a first draft for the new film written by original Blade Runner writer Hampton Fancher. The Wrap article does not state whether Green will be doing a draft of that or a completely unrelated new version.

This honestly doesn't bother me much. Blade Runner is very pretty, but I do not consider its story of replicants and replicant killers who may unknowingly be replicants themselves an axiomatically great film. Scott could basically do whatever he wants with the s(pr)equel, and it wouldn't be a huge low blow for me. In fact, I'm so free from caring that I could end up liking this one more, especially if the film goes to great length to explain how being a Blade Runner requires a special resilience to fear only to have Harrison Ford's Deckard quite Blade Runner school on the first day because he thinks it's too scary. I would just love that.

Maybe I'm being too hard on Michael Green. He did help write Heroes, after all.