FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY Red Band Trailer Is Thoroughly Monsteriffic

A must see for Propeller Face alone.

This red band trailer for Frankenstein's Army has a lot going for it. A lot of monsters, specifically. Some are kind of regular. And some have propellers for faces and/or praying mantis-looking stilts for legs. It's almost like director Richard Raaphorst made the full-on Doctor Satan film Rob Zombie denied us. Mixed with Wolfenstein, of course.

There is a sort of cheap cheesiness to some of this, particularly before all the monsters show up. But any ill will I might have for the film goes away with the great, campy tagline: War is Hell. This place is worse. I am in love.

Frankenstein's Army opens in some cities on July 26. Maybe this time those cities will be places like Pittsburg, Minneapolis, and Des Moines. Let New York and Los Angeles wait a little while, see how it feels.