Now Sam Mendes Is Probably Directing Bond 24, Which Is Probably Coming Out In 2015

Apparently Daniel Craig has some pull after headlining the eighth highest grossing film of all time.

Roger Friedman at seems to have an inside track when it comes to Bond news: not only did he first confirm Adele singing the Skyfall theme last year, he posted the lyrics before the song was even officially announced. So while his reportage is on the quirky side (e.g., I don't understand the inclusion of the final paragraph in his article), when he says Sam Mendes is confirmed for Bond 24 and likely Bond 25, I reckon it's time to pay attention to this rumor.

According to Friedman, Daniel Craig has been the main lobbyist to get Mendes on board for the next two installments, which means Mendes would very likely helm the remainder of Craig's run. If Friedman is to be believed, it seems like Craig's getting his way (for one more film, at least), and Eon seems cool with not having another Bond film out until 2015. Here's where continuity nerds smash their forearms together in approval, here's where the ADHD portion of the audience cries that three years is too long (it's not), and here's where contrarian old farts like me tell you the return of Mendes isn't exactly bad news, but also a bit of a shame, in that it's not one but two missed opportunities to keep mixing things up. You've heard my pitches for replacement directors; if anything in Hollywood can survive taking some risks in the director's chair, surely it's a 50 year old franchise?

It's fine, I guess; I obviously loved Skyfall,and if there's a damn good creative reason for Mendes to return, aside from the "keeping the band together" angle, then Craig, Mendes, screenwriter John Logan and cinematographer Roger Deakins are certainly a reliable bunch to deliver the goods another time or two. But if complacency slips in, it potentially dampens the legacy of Craig's 007 run as being the most experimental of the entire franchise. That's a badge of honor for a mostly formulaic film series that's lasted a half century.