David Lynch Posts Mysterious Video That Could Mean Nothing Or Any One Of Several Different Things

It's just part of the mystery that is David Lynch.

Yesterday on his YouTube channel, David Lynch posted the above video with no commentary, save a title: "TBD716." He also posted a six-second version as his debut on Vine, titled "Another Mystery."

TBD716: could this be hinting of a new project to be announced on July 16? Commenters on the video have different theories: maybe he'll finally tackle his long-anticipated Ronnie Rocket project? One guy swears he sees the Cuban shoes, Brylcreemed hair and red curtains of a Twin Peaks reference. Someone else is crossing fingers for One Saliva Bubble.

It could mean any of those things, or something else entirely, or nothing at all. I'm sort of leaning toward nothing at all, which is just the sort of rabbitless-hat, puff-of-smoke magic I love from David Lynch. Regardless, it's cool, and I like to watch it. 

More theories downstairs?

Thanks to William Saint for the heads up!