Got Film Music? ScoreKeeper Now At Badass Digest!

We're really excited about this.

We've long had big plans for Badass Digest. We're ambitious types, and this summer you'll begin to see some of that ambition pay off. We're launching a print magazine, BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH, that will be available in Alamo Drafthouse theaters (and whose content will end up on this site as well). We're working on new ways to bring our faithful readers more into the community we've created. And we're expanding our staff, as well as the scope of our coverage.

Today we have an exciting new staff member to introduce: The ScoreKeeper. You may know him from Ain't It Cool News, but now he's going to be keeping score here. We haven't had a lot of music coverage on the site, and I believe ScoreKeeper is a big step in the right direction for us. But enough from me - I bring you the Score Keeper himself.

- Devin

I love film music. I have spent nearly the entirety of my life as a fervent champion of this wholly unique art form. If there is an avenue to further advocate this craft, chances are, I have pursued it. I'm an active film composer and conductor myself who frequently writes about and lectures on the aesthetics of film music as well as the various components of the industry. I broadcast film scores and help get them released to the public so other impassioned fans can enjoy them as well. I also teach music for film at the collegiate level and privately as well.

For the past seven years, I have had the privilege of writing about film music for Ain't It Cool News. If you're trying to spread the gospel of film music, there was no greater pulpit for a young writer to seek an audience. It's an experience I will cherish forever.

So now I'm here at Badass Digest. Why? Well, there are several reasons. First of all, I'm a fan. Since the first day BAD came online I've been a loyal reader. I love the concept of the site and the overall quality of the writing. I've also been more actively engaged under the Alamo Drafthouse umbrella which includes helping Mondo with their new vinyl soundtrack label and planning film music related screenings and events. It was these activities that catalyzed my first thought of sliding over and writing for BAD. I'll be able to write more frequently while covering more diverse topics within the film music world. I'm already brimming with ideas and I can't wait to get started.

I understand how busy we all are and how precious time is to us. The fact that you'll stop to take a moment to read the words I've written will not be taken for granted. You won't always agree with me, but I promise that everything I write will be honest and heartfelt. Transitioning from being cool to badass will be challenging; however, with your help I know I can make it worth your while.