Is Will Smith All Done Being A Man In Black?

Tommy Lee Jones' shoulders are going to get so tired.

For those who somehow missed this golden gem, Will Smith is a student of patterns. He notices when things repeat themselves. He loves plaid. This is his favorite song:

And one of most popular patterns of all time is the rule of three. This rule states that three is a really good number. Because it's one more than two. Boom.

Asked about the possibility of a return to the Men in Black series for the hypothetical Men in Black 4, Will Smith shot down the possibility by stating that "Three of anything is enough for me." Boom. Boom.

This was before After Earth unfairly tanked at the box office, so never say never. But Will Smith still probably has enough clout to say never.

So what will happen with the Men in Black franchise now? Tommy Lee Jones could maybe keep at it, but he hardly seemed available last time. Maybe they could replace him with some other crusty but funny old bastard, like say Jeff Bridges. And the Will Smith part could now be a young cop played by another wiseass tough guy. Ryan Reynolds, perhaps? And instead of fighting aliens it's all about the afterlife. Boom. Boom. Boom. Three booms. That's a pattern. Boom.