BREAKING BAD Teaser Poster Has A Low Opinion Of Itself

That tagline needs a pat on the back.

Very soon the final episodes of Breaking Bad will be upon us, and we will finally be free of this show. I don't know about you guys, but since I started watching Breaking Bad, I have suffered one stroke, two heart attacks, and gone through an uncountable pair of dentures. Not because the show it so intense, but because it has gotten me absolutely hooked on both methamphetamines and fried chicken.

To help get people excited about the show's very last season premiere, AMC has released the teaser poster above and the moving version of the teaser poster below. It does not give us much to chew on visually. Furthermore the tagline, "All bad things come to an end" seems to indicates self esteem issues I did not realize the channel had. This show is not "Bad." It's awesome. Doesn't AMC know that? Jeez.

Anyway, the end begins on Augest 11. So don't go on Twitter that night if don't want to get spoiled, yo.