Paramount’s Back In The FRIDAY THE 13TH Game

Oddly enough, it's all thanks to INTERSTELLAR.

Even when they're bad, new Friday the 13th films are kind of a nice thing to have. We got a remake back in 2009 and it managed to be one of the better films to come from Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes label. If even they didn't screw it up, imagine what might happen in the hands of some real badasses.

Maybe now we won't have to imagine. According to THR, Warner Brothers has traded its rights to Friday the 13th as well as the rights to any further South Park films, all for an opportunity to get in on Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

It is a deal so insidery and boring that I can barely read the details without falling asleep. But I definitely remember the part which states Paramount only gets the rights for five years. So if they want to do something with it, they need to get started pretty soon. If they hurry, they might be able to squeak by with two new Jason films.

Not that Paramount has more badasses on staff than Warner Brothers, but I have high hopes for future Friday the 13th films simply because they've become so rare. Plus, it will be interesting what excuses creators can come up with for a character who has been taken into outer space and was able to merge franchises with A Nightmare on Elm Street. You probably know where I'm going with this. Star Trek Into the Working End of a Machete, baby.