Los Angeles: Free Tickets For A BAND CALLED DEATH!

We want to let you see Drafthouse Films' incredible music doc for free.

Like many other people into punk and music history I have a continuing obsession with the idea of who was 'punk' first. The heritage goes back far, but the really interesting discussions happen in the 70s. One of the bands that never gets brought up in that discussion is the Detroit trio Death - possibly because almost nobody ever heard their music. These three brothers (both by blood and by the 70s term for black guys) played a kind of rock music that was fast and loud and rough and sounds an awful lot like what would later become known as punk rock - but they were doing it before bands like The Ramones or The Sex Pistols hit the scene. 

Drafthouse Films is releasing a doc about this group, called A Band Called Death, and it's really a great movie. Not only is it a history lesson in a forgotten footnote in music history, it's a touching family story. It's a movie about a guy who is driven to greatness, even if that greatness can never be recognized in his time. It's fascinating and inspiring. I don't write about every Drafthouse Films release, so you know I really like the movie when I go to bat for it.

That's why I'm really happy to offer a ton of free tickets for you to see the film here in Los Angeles on June 20th at the Cinefamily. I'll be hosting the screening, so come by and say hi to me - and enjoy the really excellent film. 

Click here to RSVP for the screening.

If you've already seen A Band Called Death, know that there will be a special event hitting the Cinefamily on June 28th and 29th - Death will be performing in person! It's a pricier ticket than normal - $25 - but it'll be absolutely worth it. Click here for ticket information.