Butt-Dialing: The Latest Threat To Our Moviegoing Experience

A butt-dial during a horror movie leads to a frantic 911 call... and death? (No, not death)

It turns out that British Columbia is having a real problem with butt-dialing. No, this isn't some new teenage sex slang or some crazy new drug ingestion method, it's that thing where your cell phone mysteriously makes a phone call after you put it in your pocket or bag. It's led to literally hundreds upon hundreds of false 911 calls in the Canadian province, most of which are just people's gluteus maximi reaching out to the cops. By law the police must investigate each and every one of these calls, just to make sure someone doesn't actually need help.

But one recent butt-dial was more elaborate. A mother's phone rings - it's her daughter calling. She hears screams and the sounds of struggle, a strange male voice. The phone call suddenly disconnects. Frantic, the mother calls back and the phone is quickly answered and then hung up. Her next step is to call 911, and dispatchers there are tasked to assign units to solve this mystery.

Eventually the truth is outed: the girl was at a horror movie and somehow (probably because she was checking her goddamned texts during the movie) called up her mom during a particularly intense scene.

What was the movie? The article from CBCNews is frustratingly lax with details. I want to know the film, I want to know the scene, I want to recreate it at home with prank phone calls to all my loved ones. 

The moral of this story, by the way, is that you should turn your phone OFF when you're in a movie. All the way. This way you don't accidentally set into motion a chain of events that has the local police department searching for your sorry ass instead of actually, you know, fighting crime.