Holy Shit, XBox One Costs How Much?

Microsoft unveils the price of their new console. And some of the games too, but once you've bought the system will you be able to afford them?

Microsoft finished off their yearly E3 press conference with a surprise announcement of both date and price. The Xbox One, their new console they just unveiled weeks ago, will hit this November for 500 bucks. UK gamers have to shell out £429, which is almost $670.

While it will come bundled with a controller and a device that lets you pause and play your movies (that's all I use my current Kinect for, at least...) did that price just kill them? The PS3 debuted at $600 and did decent sales but it didn't really take off until the first price drop, and still hasn't bested the 360.

The shame is that the Xbox One's lineup is rather incredible. We've got some amazing new games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, and Sunset Overdrive. Forza freaks get their next installment, as do Halo and Battlefield fans. Killer Instinct (ULTRA), Crimson Dragon (Panzer Dragoon) and the D series (!) are all getting long-awaited follow-ups, as well as the latest game from the Superbrothers guys.

We've even got a new Red Dead Redemption title that- hold on... what? Ok, someone informed me that was a new Metal Gear. (aside) But there were horses! Horses in a desert!

Anyway it's a really great lineup, aided by some cool new features like the ability to share clips online, just like the PS4. That's the problem, though- they share a lot of the same features, and as far as we know Sony doesn't have the same issues with renting games, or having to connect to the internet every 24 hours to play, both of which Microsoft neglected to comment on at all during their briefing. If Sony's smart they'll jump on those points and capitalize on this further by announcing a lower price for their console.

Although why do we really need a new console when Dark Souls II is coming out for current systems? Save your cash, I say!