Stephen Merchant’s HBO Series, HELLO LADIES, Gets A Very Brief Teaser

It may be just one joke, but it's a good joke.

HBO has released this nice teaser for Stephen Merchant's upcoming eight episode series, Hello Ladies. The show is going to be all about how this nerdy English guy tries and fails and then tries again and maybe succeeds a tiny bit but then fails one more time to get a girlfriend. And then halfway through they cut the main character's head off.

Hello Ladies will offer Merchant, co-creater of The Office, a rare opportunity to step out on his own in the eyes of many Americans, most of whom know him only as the skinny guy sitting next to Ricky Gervais. He is now apparently ready to spread his wings and soar into your hearts all by himself, by way of deeply awkward comedy bits.

Hello Ladies premieres on September 29. If the one joke in this teaser is any indication, it'll definitely be worth watching.