This MAGIC MAGIC Trailer Is Creepy And Unsavory And Great

No male strippers here, unfortunately.

Until now, Magic Magic has just been that movie I keep reading as Magic Mike and getting awkward boners over. But now that it has its own trailer, Magic Magic has officially become it's own thing in my brain, though I'm not sure how welcome it is.

Far, far removed from the illicit joys of Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum's man bits, Magic Magic forces viewers to confront the heretofore unknown creepiness of Michael Cera as a bird killing crazy person, a notion I would have laughed at yesterday. Maybe I should have expected his weird persona to contain the ability to genuinely freak me out, but this trailer has found me completely off guard and made the film a must-see.

Magic Magic recieved good reactions at Sundance, but will have to make its fortunes on the straight to DVD, VOD market. It comes out August 6, and I plan on promptly seeing the shit out of it.