MAN OF TAI CHI International Trailer Offers Martial Arts Galore

Keanu Reeve's directorial debut looks great so far.

I like kung fu movies, especially when they're built around a tournament structure. I like Keanu Reeves, especially if he's playing things mean. I like when actors choose genre projects as their feature film debuts. I like baby-faced ass-kickers like Iko Uwais. So it stands to reason that I will like Man of Tai Chi. I certainly like this international trailer a lot.

Whether this film is actually good or not will depend on several things. One of which is Keanu Reeve's prowess as a martial arts director. As RZA proved last year, love for ass-kicking does not necessarily mean you'll be good at directing it. Having said that, this already look much cleaner and more beautiful then The Man With the Iron Fists.

The other important aspect will be whether this story of purity faced with the temptation of corruption entertains or bores. That sort of thing could easily go either way, and this trailer doesn't really offer enough evidence to tell what path Man of Tai Chi will take in this regard: The sword, or the toy.

But for now I'm all excited to see this. If great, it will add a seriously wonderful new chapter to Keanu Reeve's already interesting career. I'd love to see him take off as a classic martial arts director of note.