Michael Bay To Develop TOM CLANCY’S GHOST RECON Into A Movie

The military video game gets an adaptation from a military director.

I really like the different Tom Clancy video games. As a peacenik who generally dislikes the United States' heavy-handed use of the military I feel distressed by their jingoistic violence, but as a gamer I love creeping around corners and headshotting tangos through my heat scope. I also get a sense of childlike glee when I mash the buttons that order my squadmates to breach a door ("Breach and flash" is like my whole philosophy on life, summed up in one video game command). 

But are these games good movie fodder? Ubisoft is hoping so, as they've brought on Michael Bay to help them develop Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, one of the many games in the general Tom Clancy hoo-ha genre. This one has a secret, most likely illegal military force answerable only to the president that travels around the globe putting down tangos* using bleeding edge military hardware. Basically it's like hyper-advanced aliens hunting stone age tribes in the jungle, except you're playing the Predator and you're just trying to kill Dutch. Did you know that back in 1775 we were the underdog?

It's not clear if Bay would actually direct or just produce. He's 'developing' the project at Warner Bros, marking his first time ever working with that studio. Is a break from Paramount coming? 

Ubisoft, meanwhile, has been showing a lot of chutzpah on the movie front. They're trying to be the Marvel Studios of video games, I think, and they have Assassin's Creed starring Michael Fassbender and yet another Tom Clancy property, Splinter Cell, in development. Clancy's properties have a little bit of overlap at times; I don't recall if Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell share any characters/mythology, but it might be interesting for Ubisoft to work that into the films. 

The studio has already done a proof of concept Ghost Recon movie, by the way. This 30 minute short shows how the action side of such a film might work, but what about the story and characters? Can this concept sustain a feature (a two and a half hour long feature, if Bay directs)?

* I fucking love the word tangos.