Future Oscar-Winning Stephen Hawking Movie Headed Your Way


Mike Fleming Jr at Deadline clams to have heard that extremely actorly-looking actor Eddie Redmayne of Les Miserables infamy will be playing Stephen Hawking in an upcoming biopic called Theory of Everything.

Whether that funny bit of casting turns out true or not is beside the point. The important thing here is that they are making a biopic of Stephen Hawking. A whole movie of someone dressed up, contorted, and mechanically speaking like Stephen Hawking. And its focus will be on his marriage, which is really the only of his achievements we are smart enough to be impressed by.

Unfortunately, we don't yet know which wife the film will focus on. Hawking had two - a nice one and a really really really mean one. Whichever one they choose will dictate the film's tone immensely.

It looks like Man on Wire and Shadow Dancer director James Marsh will be directing with hopes for a fall production start. I wish them all the luck in the world. I wish them off-world luck as well.