Houston! Come See THE PROFESSIONAL With Me This Sunday!

In 35mm, part of the Badass 101 series at the Alamo. 

When Robert Saucedo (Director of Programming for the Houston Alamo; he also hangs around here sometimes) asked me about co-programming a new series called Badass 101 with him, I wanted to make sure our lineup wasn't bereft of badass ladies, you know? We've got our Rolling Thunders and our Tombstones and our Robocops, of course, but on the fly, I came up with a list of movies that represent the fairer-but-equally-badass sex. And on that list were three titles by Luc Besson. Now that's badass. 

This Sunday, at 7:30pm at Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park Houston, Robert and I are hosting the second of those three titles, The Professional. (Or Léon: The Professional, if you prefer.) I love this film and have never seen it on the big screen, and, as with every Badass 101 title, we're showing it in 35 glorious millimeters for your eyeball-soothing pleasure. 

For the record, the first Besson film we showed at Badass 101 was The Fifth Element, and we are absolutely going to get around to showing La Femme Nikita at some point.

Marvel at tiny Natalie Portman's implacable cool! Covet Leon's bitchin' shades! Delight in and/or feel sort of weird about Mathilda's costume-change montage! We'll be giving a Japanese Peace Lily away to one lucky attendee. And stop by and say hi if you do attend. I love meeting Badasses in the wild. 

Get your tickets here.