New ELYSIUM Trailer: This Film Can’t Come Fast Enough

Matt Damon brought his charm, after all.

This new Elysium trailer is like an embarrassment of riches. It's also really long. Like, a bit too long for comfort. So it's an uncomfortable embarassment of riches. Like sleeping on spiky diamonds. This new Elysium trailer is like sleeping on a bed of spiky diamonds.

But whatever. It's not like this doesn't look super incredible. And I love that the extra time before the sci-fi asskickery offers us a better idea of Matt Damon's character. Plus we get more Sharlto Copley's crazy looking villain as well as more of Jodie Foster's Tilda Swinton impression.

Like the headline says, this film cannot get here fast enough, especially after the disappointment action-wise of Man of Steel. Oh well. August 8 will get here eventually. And if it doesn't, one of us can put on a mech-suit and drag it to theaters.