WATCH:  Russell Brand Brilliantly Eviscerates Inane Morning Show Hosts

Russell Brand reassures MORNING JOE viewers: "We're going to be all right, America."

Everyone seems to have a strong opinion regarding Brit import comic Russell Brand, but I confess I've never felt one way or another about the guy. He's entertained and amused me as often as he's exhausted me, and with such consistency that I assumed I'd never really end up taking a stance. That ended the moment I watched the clip above, in which Russell Brand drops the hammer on a trio of giggling-idiot morning news hosts.

The setup: Brand's appearing to promote his Messiah Complex comedy tour, and for the first four minutes of the clip he gets progressively more exasperated as the hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe (I don't know who these clowns are, can't be bothered to look up their names) treat him much in the way you'd treat a trained monkey at a child's 8th birthday party. They claim they can't understand his accent, speak about him in the third person despite the fact that he's sitting at the same table, and at one point one of them even appears to start referring to him by the wrong name.

Around the 4:45 mark Brand seems to decide he's had about enough of this foolishness, and what follows may well be the most hilarious and deserved assault upon an idiotic "journalist" since Geraldo Rivera got his face pushed in with a chair. It's all the more glorious in that none of the hosts seem to realize how savage this trouncing they've just received really is. At one point, Brand literally takes the show away from them and instantly does a better job.

Yep, this decides it. I'm prepared to buy Russell Brand all of the beers.