EMPIRE STATE Trailer Offers More Rock Than Expected

Some films are just too good for theaters.

You thought the Year of The Rock had come to an end. You were wrong. Unless you specifically meant theatrical outings. Then you were right. But who wants to be right about something so wrong?

Empire State is a DTV film from A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints director Dito Montiel, which stars The Rock as a cop and Liam Hemsworth as a guy he's after for stealing a bunch of money from his employer. Not only does this guy get The Rock on his ass, but the Mafia as well. Plus, he has to live with the knowledge that no matter how handsome he is, he will always be the ugly Hemsworth.

Empire State actually looks like a decent enough crime film, and it's all based on an unbelievable true story. So why damn it to the Redbox market? Easy. Because The Rock doesn't have any facial hair in this one. Honest mistake.

This comes out September 3. Pick it up on your way out of the grocery story.