Which Composer Has The Most Twitter Followers?

Twitter proves an entertaining vehicle for fans of film music, but who is the king of the Twittersphere?

It took me a little longer to join Twitter than most people. My first experience with it was wrought with annoyance and bewilderment. As Twitter spread throughout the general populous and into the world of cinema, I started realizing what an incredible vehicle it is for connecting with people and subjects you're passionate about.

Film composers appear to be an unusually responsible breed of Twitter user. They mix equal parts promotion with personal experience, making their Twitterature especially interesting to read. David Arnold (Independence Day, Casino Royale) is prolific at expressing his acerbic wit and profound sense of humor. Michael Giacchino (Speed Racer, Star Trek Into Darkness) frequently posts photos of his recording sessions and global travels and Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica, Da Vinci's Demons) uses Twitter to directly connect with his fans on a personal level.

I was personally curious which composer had the most followers so I went through and took a tally. Would it be any indication of a particular composer's popularity? Again, I was curious so humor me.

Here's a list of as many film, television, and video game composers as I could locate on Twitter and the number of their respective followers. As niche as film music can be, I was surprised by the overall results.

Pano Aaltio: @panuaaltio 143 followers
Daniel Alcheh: @DanielAlcheh 44 followers
Craig Armstrong: @CArmstrongUK 1,207 followers
David Arnold: @DavidGArnold 46,202 followers
Angelo Badalamenti: @DamnGoodPie 2,022 followers
Klaus Badelt: @kbadelt 1,991 followers
Lorne Balfe: @Lornebalfe 2,486 followers
Nathan Barr: @composerbarr 2,158 followers
Tyler Bates: @tyler_bates 1,093 followers
Terence Blanchard: @T_Blanchard 12,842 followers
Jon Brion: @jonbrion 2,501 followers
Carter Burwell: @carterburwell 8,035 followers
George S. Clinton: @GeorgeSClinton 23 followers
Charlie Clouser: @CharlieClouser 4,776 followers
Carl Davis: @CarlDavisMusic 1,755 followers
John Debney: @JohnDebney 3,519 followers
Jim Dooley: @jimdooleymusic 1,067 followers
Randy Edelman: @RandyEdelman 20 followers
Danny Elfman: @DannyElfman 3,649 followers
Robert Folk: @drrobfolk 192 followers
Michael Giacchino: @m_giacchino 33,179 followers
Scott Glasgow: @scottglasgow 103 followers
Jason Graves: @jgmusic 1,271 followers
Rupert Gregson-Williams: @RupertGWilliams 818 followers
Reinhold Heil: @ReinholdHeil 236 followers
Mark Isham: @markisham 6,404 followers
Nathan Johnson: @NTJohnson 3,597 followers
David Julyan: @davidjulyan 673 followers
Rolfe Kent: @RolfeKent 783 followers
Abel Korzeniowski: @korzeniowski 911 followers
Joe Kraemer: @joekraemer 290 followers
Christopher Lennertz: @CLennertz 1,589 followers
Deborah Lurie: @deborahlurie 820 followers
Joe Hisaishi: @JoeHisaishi 3,896 followers
Clint Mansell: @iamclintmansell 27,758 followers
Kevin Manthei: @kevinmanthei 711 followers
Alain Mayrand: @alainmayrand 520 followers
Bear McCreary: @bearmccreary 30,643 followers
Joel McNeely: @joelsephmc 201 followers
Ennio Morricone: @MEnnioMorricone 6,207 followers
Trevor Morris: @MorrisTrevor 1,021 followers
Mark Mothersbaugh: @mmothersbaugh 2,028 followers
Nico Muhly: @nicomuhly 22,864 followers
Blake Neely: @cowonthewall 704 followers
David Newman: @dnewmanm5 265 followers
Joey Newman: @joeynewman 729 followers
Randy Newman: @RandyNewman 1,871 followers
Marty O'Donnell: @MartyTheElder 16,519 followers
Atli Örvarsson: @AtliOrvarsson 181 followers
John Ottman: @JohnOttman1 53 followers
Antonio Pinto: @Antonio_Pinto 396 followers
Conrad Pope: @conradpope 143 followers
Trevor Rabin: @Rabin_News 870 followers
A.R.Rahman: @arrahman 2,502,318 followers
Trent Reznor: @trent_reznor 1,577,583 followers
Jeff Rona: @jeffrona 981 followers
William Ross: @williamross_mx 422 followers
Marc Shaiman: @marcshaiman 2,210 followers
Ryan Shore: @ryanshore 683 followers
Chris Tilton: @christilton 3,759 followers
Pinar Toprak: @pinartoprak 297 followers
Joseph Trapanese: @JoeComposer 2,252 followers
Benjamin Wallfisch: @benwallfisch 285 followers
Austin Wintory: @awintory 5,636 followers
Debbie Wiseman: @wisemandebbie 2,344 followers
Alex Wurman: @alexwurmanmusic 71 followers
Christopher Young: @ImChrisYoung 75 followers
Geoff Zanelli: @GeoffZanelli 419 followers
Hans Zimmer: @RealHansZimmer 47,172 followers
Inon Zur: @InonZur 1,602 followers

Granted not all composers on this list use Twitter to the same degree as others, and that affects their numbers. Then there are composers such as Trent Reznor and A.R. Rahman who have well over a million followers; however they have a legion of fans outside of their work in film. David Arnold, Michael Giacchino, Hans Zimmer, Bear McCreary and Clint Mansell appear to be next in line. They're all prolific (but not too prolific!) Twitter users and utilize it extremely well.

As a fan of film music, it's amazing to read these little personal nuggets of expression from composers who are recording their latest score, promoting their latest concert appearance or soundtrack release, or just sharing something about themselves that all their interviews compiled together fail to tap into.

My favorite Twitter handle is Angelo Badalamenti's: @DamnGoodPie

Oh, and by the way… @ScoreKeeperBAD has 1,798 followers. Not too shabby. I'll try to make it as interesting for you as it is for me.