The COMMUNITY Cast (And Will Forte) Auditions For THE WAY, WAY BACK

Will Forte does not know how to milk a cow.

If you were to blend a bunch of movie stuff I can't stand into a touching indie comedy milkshake, the end result would probably look a lot like The Way, Way Back. But even I can't deny that this promotional puff piece is pretty funny and worth watching, especially for Community fans.

Amidst Joel McHale being cruel, Gillian Jacobs being clueless, Danny Pudi sadly playing up his own ethnicity, and Yvette Nicole Brown just singing all her lines, the real magic here comes from the seriously underutilized Will Forte, whose pantomime of milking a cow goes awry in a pretty funny way. (From what I can tell, Will Forte has never even been on Community, so his presence here is almost its own non sequitur.)

Probably my favorite detail, though, is Joel McHale's jacket, the shoulders of which appear to have been sprinkled with dust or something, an affectation which really blurs the line between McCale the actor and his Community character, Jeff Winger. Unless that's actually a just Winger costume jacket.

The Way, Way Back is probably a very good film that will make me eat my words if I ever happen to see it. It comes out in theaters July 5.