Exclusive Trailer Premiere: WILLOW CREEK, Bobcat Goldthwait’s Bigfoot Movie!

See the first trailer for the found footage Bigfoot movie, hitting the Fantasia Film Festival this summer.

Bobcat Goldthwait is back with another movie, and this time it's a micro-budget found footage film set in the world of Sasquatch enthusiasts. I saw Willow Creek last month and really liked it (my review here), and a lucky few of you will have a chance to see it at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal this summer. The rest of you? Cross your fingers for a buyer, and in the meantime enjoy this trailer. 

A caveat about this trailer: it definitely leans on the more traditional aspects of the movie, but Willow Creek plays better than your average found footage film because of the unique things Goldthwait brings to it. The leads are very likable and quite funny (you don't really get much of the humor in the trailer, but it's in the movie), the film is loaded with real-life Bigfoot experts, who bring a level of weirdness, and the film's central set piece is a bravura piece of tension that is so protracted you could never fit it in a trailer.