PACIFIC RIM IMAX Exclusive Poster Looks Great

Prepare to magnify thy screen.

Maybe you have grown tired of Pacific Rim's endless parade of incredibly cool promotional artwork. The film is about giant robots which fight giant monsters, so you could basically take any screenshot you want, add a release date and tagline, and have yourself a new poster.

But this one is especially great. Created by Sergio Grisanti, this poster will be available only at Pacific Rim's first IMAX 3D screenings. I don't think they're making a distinction between the true IMAX you have to go all the way to the zoo for or those slightly larger than average lieMAX screens you get at mall theaters across the country.

Instead of dwelling on something negative, let us marvel at the beauty of this image. I'm not sure it's worth the extra money, but if you were already going to see Pacific Rim opening day in that format, this is certainly one of the best bonuses you could hope for.