Liam Neeson Going In For TAKEN 3

And you thought you were all TAKEN out.

Deadline reports that Liam Neeson is likely to close a $20 million deal to reprise his role as PG-13 ass-kicker Bryan Mills for yet another Taken movie. If there is a film series less worth trilogy extension, I hope I never come across it.

Neeson's Bryan Mills has to be the biggest twerp of an action hero to ever hit cinemas. In the first film he got a Britney Spears stand-in to give his precious daughter singing lessons. In part two, he had his daughter throw grenades all over Albania as a means of locating his whereabouts. He killed not one but two bad guys with little limp-writst slaps on the face. When not giving very detailed, curt instructions over cell phones, he enjoys "fun" "BBQs" with fellow "badasses" Leland Orser, David Warshofsky, and Jon Gries. Okay, I just changed my mind. I want another Taken film.

So who will get taken this time? Maybe Maggie Grace's character has a baby now, though that would necessitate sexual activity, and I have a very difficult time believing Bryan Mills would ever let that happen.

Since Mills is all out of estranged family members to win back via murder, perhaps the Taken scope could widen a bit. What I want to see more than anything is an action film where Mills finally gets to team up with his BBQ buddies. Maybe they all kid kidnapped by a bookie or something. Get Charlie Sheen to join as Topper Harley and you'd really have something worth seeing.