More INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 Casting News

This time it's positive.'s Erik Davis held a Q&A with Roland Emmerich last night and got some nice information from him regarding Independence Day 2. Emmerich reiterated what we already learned yesterday: Will Smith would not be returning (though he holds out hope for a brief cameo).

But he let out some names he does expect to come back, specifically Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum. He did not give any indication of what their characters would be up to, however. Personally I hope Pullman is still President/Emporer with Goldblum as his Right Hand Man scientific advisor. I also hope Judd Hirsch lives in the White House with them, embodying Jewish cliché's like crazy.

Emmerich also mentioned the possibility of a Stargate sequel if anyone is interested. I said, "Stargate." It had Kurt Russell in it. No, not the one with MacGyver. There was a movie, too.

Anyway, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are supposedly coming back, so go ahead and mark July 3 on your 2015 calendar without further reservation.