Badass Digest Episode 37: 8 Great Monster Movies

The Badass Digest show comes back for an episode celebrating giant monsters as we get ready for PACIFIC RIM!

Oh hey, remember this show? We're burning off the last couple of episodes we have in the can, and I'm glad they'll be seeing the light of day because this one especially - 8 Great Giant Monster Movies - is a lot of fun. Inspired by the impending release of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, I count down eight giant monster movies that I love love love. I think you'll find some of the choices interesting and unique. 

Thanks for all your support over the previous 36 episodes of this show. I think we're going to tap out at 38, barring an act of God, but every single episode has something of which I'm proud. Mostly I'm proud that you guys watched and were along for the ride!