Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock: Death - Keep On Knocking

Listen to the band that was punk before punk.

Three black kids - brothers - from Detroit put together a band in their bedroom in 1971. They liked rock and funk music, but the sound they made was something new. Today we'd call it protopunk - the raucous, careening hard rock sound that would coalesce into punk rock a few years later - but at the time there was no name for it. And no audience; Death pressed a handful of singles and then disappeared. 

They would be rediscovered decades later, and their place in music history - a missing link between The Stooges and The Ramones - has been secured. The full story of Death is covered in the latest Drafthouse Films release A Band Called Death, which extends all the way to the modern day and shows the incredible way that Death's music resurfaced. Yes, this is a plug, but it's a plug for a movie I really believe in because it's a movie that shows why you should never stop doing good work and never give up hope - someone will hear you someday. 

A Band Called Death is in select theaters today. Click here for a list. You can also watch it on VOD!