Meet RIDE ALONG, Your New Favorite Movie

Ice Cube brings forth another classic.

Let's say you're bored. Really really bored. And the only thing you can think to do is go see a movie. But you've already seen them all. Except for Ride Along. Do you do it? Do you take that plunge?

I say yea. This does not look like the worst thing in the world. Ice Cube plays a tuff as nails cop who invites his future brother in law out on a kind of Training Diaper Training Day. During his time with Ice Cube, the future brother in law beats on pawn shop owners, fires weapons for the first time, and… I don't know what else. This trailer is more about set up than spoilers.

You do have to give the trailer credit for faking you out not once but twice in its opening moments. First when you realize Kevin Hart is practice proposing to a lunch lady. Second when you realize he's some kind of hall monitor rather than an actual cop. My heart cannot handle such a succession of sudden left turns.