New ELYSIUM Trailer Is Hardly New At All

We have entered trailer overkill.

If you are a movie fan who made their decision to watch Elysium based on this third trailer, I would like to hear about it. If you found the first trailer "just okay," and the second trailer kind of "eh" yet had your system set on fire with this third look at the film, I want to know why.

My point being, we have too many trailers. Maybe it was always like this and I just didn't write daily news stories before. But this year has been the year of the trailer over-share. We get excited about the first trailer because it's our first real look at anticipated footage. Usually the second trailer is the one that knocks everything out of the park. But then they come out with these third trailers, which are often just redundant.

This Elysium trailer is a great example. Very little is added from the last trailer. According to my poor memory, Jodie Foster blowing space ships out of the sky and a guy referring to Matt Damon's character as a "legend" are the only bits that stood out this time.

I assume the real reason we have all these trailers is because they act as an arbitrary device to get the films in question on movie websites at strategic times. Like right now, everyone is about to see/skip The Lone Ranger, and it's nice to be reminded that we still have some good movies headed our way.

In any case, Elysium still looks awesome and still stars Matt Damon and still opens August 9.