Telltale’s THE WALKING DEAD Game Gets A Surprise DLC Episode

400 DAYS hits this week! Watch the announcement trailer here.

I know I'm not a 'serious gamer' or anything, but I think the best video game ever might be Telltale's The Walking Dead, an episodic series of narrative episodes that combine into one stunning, unbelievable story. By sticking with a narrative format over a shoot-em-up and collect-garbage-for-points format, Telltale's game came closest to approximating the involvement and emotion you get from watching one of today's great TV shows (but not, it's worth noting, the boredom and irritation you get from watching The Walking Dead). 

We knew there was a 'season two' coming, but what we didn't know was that a bonus season one episode was upon us. Telltale only announced it like hours before releasing it on PSN. It hits PC and Mac tomorrow, and will be on Xbox Live Friday. It's called 400 Days, and it tells five stories that serve as a bridge to season two. At the end of season one we saw a character go off with new people - could these five stories be the people said character meets? That would make sense. 

I haven't played Last of Us because I don't have a PS3, but I've been following the discussion about how 'fun' the game is or isn't. I was really taken by Phil Kollar's review at Polygon, and it's interesting to think about how 'fun' a game needs to be. The Walking Dead is not fun. It makes you anxious, it makes you sad, it makes you scared. But itt's also not bleak or a slog. It's a game that shows how games can be serious without being 'serious business.' 

I expect we'll have something to say about 400 Days on this site, since Alex and I both loved The Walking Dead season one. Stay tuned. And hopefully this means we'll find out when season two is coming.