Final PACIFIC RIM Trailer Reveals Movie Has People In It

Oh hey, here's the human angle!

A year ago the first Pacific Rim stuff hit Comic Con. I was blown away, as were many others. But some had a complaint: where's the human angle, they asked. Is this just a movie about robots and monsters, or are there people to care about? I told them to be patient, that Warner Bros was just getting the fun, big stuff out of the way and that, closer to release, they would reveal the human struggles that I knew existed at the heart of the film.

Yeah, about that. For some reason Warner Bros marketing kept running directly at "BIG CGI SPECTACLE!" and left all the human stuff out of marketing. Until now. 

This new trailer shows the characters. It may be a little late, and I don't know if it gets across the real human drama in the film, but it's still pretty good.

For those wondering what the drama is, here's a primer:

Raleigh Beckett used to be a Jaeger pilot - until his brother was killed in action. That's a big deal, because Jaeger pilots are mentally connected when they're in the mechs, and so Raleigh felt his brother's death. Five years later he's out of the program, working construction, unsure that he can ever allow himself to mentally connect with another pilot again.

Stacker Pentecost is the Marshall of the Pan-Pacific Defense Force. A decade into the Kaiju War he's at a crossroads - the Jaegers are losing the war and the world's governments want to spend their money on defense walls, not offensive weapons. He sees only one possibility to save the world, and it's very risky. And it requires the burnt out Raleigh to make it happen.

Mako Mori is Pentecost's #2. She's in charge of finding Raleigh a new co-pilot, but she knows that she's the best choice. Stacker won't allow it, for his own reasons.

Herc Hansen is an Australian Jaeger pilot. He works with his son, Chuck, a hothead who think Raleigh is the sort of shitty pilot who has been losing the war. Herc is more measured, and doesn't quite know how to deal with his son, who is an asshole but also a great pilot.

There are more - there's Newt Geizler, the scientist who loves kaiju and has a crazy plan on how to deal with them, there's Hannibal Chau, a black market dealer in kaiju parts, there are other pilots and other support staff. But those are the four central relationships, all set against the backdrop of the last days of the most astonishing, epic war ever fought on Earth.

Buy some tickets, guys.