Watch BC Talk Great American Slashers On The Chiller Network Tonight

Alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, Robert Englund and more!

If you were wise enough to add the Chiller channel to your cable lineup AND you like hearing me jabber on, you're in luck tonight (Sunday) as I'll be appearing alongside legit horror icons like Jamie Lee Curtis and Robert Englund as part of the network's new Chiller 13 special. Titled Great American Slashers (the British Pinhead snuck in there, however), it's the fourth in their Chiller 13 series, and I'm proud to say I've been in all of them as a horror "expert" or something. And unlike the last one (Horrifying Hookups), I'm not wearing a ridiculous hat, so win-win!

As the title suggests, this one focuses on the "horror hero" characters that mostly sprung up in the '70s and '80s - Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, etc. Part of the fun is seeing who made the cut and who didn't, so I won't provide the full lineup, but I think it's a pretty satisfying roster, though the order might annoy some hardcore fans of a particular character who got slotted far below, say, Ghostface from Scream. But there are no omissions that I can think of; while two of them have only appeared in one movie and thus open up eligibility to other one-offs (no Shocker, sadly), in terms of franchises all your favorites are probably there.

Likewise, they've assembled what I think is their best lineup yet - actors behind Freddy, Candyman, Leatherface, Michael and Jason (two of them, actually) are all on deck, as are a few of their primary "Final Girl" nemeses. This is a huge step up from the first special, where participants from the films being discussed were more rare - which means you'll spend more time seeing the icons you love and less time seeing folks like, well, me. I was kind of disappointed to see that I'm completely MIA from the Michael Myers segment since the Halloween series is my thing, but that's a problem I and I alone will share - everyone else will be stoked to see Jamie Lee and at least one other surprise in new interviews (plus, knowing me I probably just rambled about Dr. Loomis the whole time, which would make my stuff irrelevant anyway).

But if you DO like hearing me over the people who actually made the movies, you're in luck - after the 8pm (5pm Pacific) airing they will be re-airing the special at 9:30/6:30, followed by Creepiest Kids at 11:00 (8:00) and the original special, Decade's Scariest Movie Moments, at 12:30am (9:30pm for Pacific). Then on Wednesday the 10th, they'll be showing American Slashers again followed by Horrifying Hookups, which focuses on "evil boyfriend/girlfriend" movies like Fear and Fatal Attraction (I'm not in that one much either; mainly because I didn't like most of the movies). Also, tonight I will be live-tweeting alongside the premiere (again, 8 eastern, 5 pacific) on my @brianwcollins handle - but make sure to follow @ChillerTV as well as I will be making all my tweets as replies to them, so as not to annoy my followers who don't give a crap.

AND, as a bonus, right BEFORE the premiere at 6pm (3pm Pacific) they'll be showing My Soul To Take, a movie I hold near and dear to my heart (PROOF HERE). As one of the film's few champions, I'm always happy to see it airing on TV where it might pick up a new fan or two (though it's showing in a 2 hr block; the movie is 107 minutes so with commercials that means they have to be trimming some stuff). So turn up your prayer conditioning, tune your cable box to Chiller, and settle in for a pretty fun night of horror appreciation!

(More info and a few clips can be found at the show's Official Site)