Check Out Some Cool GTA V Gameplay Footage

Say goodbye to your free time.

Everyone and their mother (as well as some of the cooler grandmothers out there) has been waiting for Grand Theft Auto V. We knew it was going to be big. We knew it was going to have a new, three-character gameplay dynamic. And we knew it was going to go underwater. But now we have video proof, and it looks just as good as expected.

Honestly, I'm an outsider when it comes to this generation of video games. And from my perspective, this shit is getting crazy. This video impresses on a number of levels, but it's also mildly intimidating. Like, I'm not sure I'd be able to keep up with the three-person switching action. I also feel like a sandbox this big threatens to be just as boring to drive across in the game as it would be in real life. But I guess that's what jets are for.

Not that any of that will stop you. GTA V comes out September 17. Make preparations. Call your mom, and tell her you love her. Put in notice at work. Get your EBT card. Stuff like that.