The OLDBOY Red Band Trailer Is Here!

Awesome, but surprisingly familiar.

Finally, we can lay eyes on footage from Spike Lee's upcoming Oldboy remake. And so far the film looks a bit more similar to the original than expected.

The good news is that the original film is badass and having Josh Brolin play both the doofus, early Oh Dae-su (here called Joe Doucett) and the older, more badass Oh Dae-su shows that the film has at least been superbly cast.

Russ Fischer at Slash Film thinks this trailer's intent is to show us a kind of highlight reel of stuff we expect to see just to aver its fidelity. I am inclined to agree. Which means much more new stuff could be headed our way than this trailer indicates.

Probably the most shocking thing about the trailer is how literal that one sheet from a couple days ago was. The umbrella lady is there and everything!