Have A Look At Marvel’s AGENT CARTER One-Shot

Plus, a bit of cool CAPTAIN AMERICA concept art.

Entertainment Weekly debuted these photos from upcoming Marvel short film, Agent Carter, which will appear exclusively on September's Iron Man Three Blu-ray. The short follows Captain America's girlfriend (ex), Peggy Carter, played once again by Hayley Atwell, as she does a bunch of cool spy stuff. Dominic Cooper will also reprise his role as Howard Stark.

I love that Marvel goes out of their way to make these short films, though I sadly haven't seen any of them. Maybe because I don't own any of this stuff at home. Or maybe because I hate Marvel movies. And all other movies. And beer.

The photos are pretty cool though, particularly the pulpy cover design above. And speaking of cool, don't miss the great Captain America: The Winter Soldier concept art at the bottom, also courtesy Entertainment Weekly. As Comic Con gets closer, we're going to find ourselves buried in stuff like this, so get some scuba gear or something.