This HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 Teaser Really Soars

This is beautiful.

Even though it's one of those films everyone seems to love, I have never seen How to Train Your Dragon 1. There are three reasons. One, I don't often go in for computer animated films. Two, my kid doesn't want t to see it. And three, I hate Jay Baruchel's voice.

But now I suppose I must go back and right that wrong because this teaser for the sequel is outstanding. Not only does it look noticeably beautiful, but it's one of those great teasers that just flat out shows you a scene from the film. I love those. On top of that, I will sit through a hundred hours of nonsense to get another look at those winged whales.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 won't come out for a while, so look forward to many probably less-majestic trailers to come. Let them do their worst. The film is already sold in my book.