The Japanese Version Of UNFORGIVEN Gets A Beautiful Trailer

The Duck of Death heads East.

The trailer for Ken Watanabe's Japanese remake of Unforgiven hit Twitch Film over the weekend, but I was holding out for an English subtitled trailer before posting it here. I find I can hold out no longer.

The original Unforgiven is one of my favorite movies. I'm not big on rewatching films bunches of times, but I never grow tired of that one. It's one of the rare films where I even hunted down and read the script just out of sheer affection (and new scenes!).

Familiarity with the original kind of renders subtitles unnecessary. If you really know the Eastwood film, you can almost say in English what a lot of these guys are saying in Japanese. And if you don't know the original that well, you're still likely to be taken in by the visuals.

For some reason, I'm a little surprised that it is actually called Unforgiven. I've always heard it referred to as "The Japanese Remake of Unforgiven," and assumed it would have some completely different English title. Looks like it's going classic instead.

What do you think? Doesn't it make you want to watch Gene Hackman beat the shit out of Richard Harris again for old times' sake?