THE WORLD’S END Pub Crawl: The Hole In The Wall!

Check out the sign for the penultimate pub in THE WORLD'S END apocalyptic pub crawl.

It's a pleasure and an honor to host the sign for The Hole In The Wall, the second to last pub in the fabled Golden Mile, a 12-pint tour of historic Newton Haven. If you've made it to The Hole In The Wall you're a true warrior, as you've downed 10 pints already. All that remains before you is the final, most portentous pub: the World's End itself.

Are you coming to Comic Con this week? If so, get up early on Friday, July 19th. The World's End is the first panel that day, and I suspect that attendance there could be your key to seeing the movie early. 

Have you missed the other pub signs? Click here to visit the Facebook page for The World's End and catch up. And keep an eye on this site - we're going to be having a TON of The World's End coverage in the coming weeks leading up to the US opening in August!