ENEMIES CLOSER Trailer: Do Not Annoy Clown-Hair Van Damme

The Tom Everett Scott -JCVD throw down you always dreamed of is almost here.

If I had told you back when That Thing You Do! came out that its humble star, Tom Everett Scott, would someday play lead in a DTV action film where he is hunted by a wild-haired (and likely vegan, according to rumor) bad guy played by Jean-Claude Van Damme, you probably wouldn't have believed me at all.

If I further sweetened the deal with an enemy-turned-partner turn from Orlando Jones, you'd probably say, "Who?" to which I would answer, "That guy from Evolution." But you'd be like, "David Duchovny?" so I'd just say, "The 7UP guy." Then you'd get it, "Oh THAT guy. Sure, I can see him in a JCVD movie, why not?"

Enemies Closer (sequel to the hit film, Keep Your Friends Close And Your) looks fairly up my alley as far as DTV action films go. It has violence, surprising leads, a quirky turn from Van Damme, and was directed by Peter Hyams, director of two of JCVD's best theatrical outings, Sudden Death and Timecop. Peter Hyams is also father of John Hyams, director of JCVD's two best non-Bloodsport films overall: Universal Soldier 5 or 3 or 2, depending on how you count them, and Universal Soldier 6 or 4 or 3, depending on how you count them.

So far Enemies Closer does not have an American release date. I hope it comes out soon, though I do kind of dread how dark everything appears in this trailer.

And just for fun, you might as well watch this brief but great JCVD interview clip. The key moment is when the interviewer asks why Steven Seagal hates Van Damme so much. His answer is priceless.