ROBOCOP Remake Gets In The Viral Marketing Game

Silly Sony, this Con's for GODZILLA!

Jose Padilha's upcoming RoboCop remake looks so awful and unexciting that I'm beginning to feel sorry for it despite its being an obviously characterless cash-in on what's probably my favorite film ever.

Just in time for Comic Con, now offers this advertisement for urban defense products which is also functions as an advertisement for RoboCop, which should one day function as a suburban mall theater defese product itself. In it, we see ED-209 (sorry, Eee Dee 209), though I'm pretty sure we've seen much of that stuff before. We also get glimpses of RoboCop (sorry Are Cee 2000).

Below are some photos that also came with the website update.

First up, the RoboPlane:

Can't have one of those without a RoboBike:

Up next is the RoboGun:

And finally, the RoboRobo:

Holy Jeez.