SDCC 2013: New PREDATOR Blu-ray Comes With Best Special Feature Ever

Con-goers get to be killed by Predator!

I wasn't that excited to hear Predator was getting the 3D treatment for its next Blu-ray release. I'm just not the target audience for that, as I don't own a 3D TV and I'm not a fan of the gimmick. I think Predator is absolutely perfect as it is. 

But the smart marketers at Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment figured out a way to make me want to shell out money for the disc. They're offering - as a Comic Con exclusive - the opportunity to be killed by the Predator. They will make a figure of the Predator hoisting a head, still attached to a spine... and it's your head. They're also selling a version with a really nice Predator bust, but for me it's all about the figure.

If you come to the booth (#3528 - this is service journalism) you'll get a chance to see the converted footage. It's pretty good, for what it is, with some nice depth and texture. You watch that while waiting for your turn to sit in a chair and be photographed by eight high end digital cameras, which send various angles of your face to a computer where the images are mushed together. Then the new, 3D version of you is sent to another computer and molded onto the digital wireframe of the figure. You get to choose your hair style and color and - boom! - it gets 3D printed and four to six weeks later the figure shows up at your door. The Blu-ray is being released in December, and you'll get that at your door then.

I had a hard time because my thick, mainly beard screwed with the program. When my face was mapped on the figure I looked like a monstrosity, my nose where my eyes should be, a second furry chin jutting out of my mouth. I've been assured it can be fixed in post. 

The bust edition is limited to 500 units and they've been moving quickly, so that will sell out. But there's an edition with just the 3D figure that goes for $50 and the figure is unlimited. They'll make as many as get ordered, but they're only taking orders through Sunday. If you're at Comic Con this is one of the must-have items. I'm pretty excited to get my figure in the mail. I want to be able to show everybody my spine.