SDCC 2013: WARCRAFT Teaser Wins For The Horde

A surprise bit of specially shot footage proves the video game movie might just work.

What does a Warcraft movie look like? That’s the biggest question facing fans of Blizzard’s video games, which are set in a highly stylized fantasy world. Will the upcoming movie stay true to the often surreal, always over-the-top designs from the game?

While the movie doesn’t start shooting until next year, director Duncan Jones brought a specially made teaser that shows off what he’ll be doing in the movie. The teaser has a human standing in the Wile E Coyote landscape of Durotar (maybe The Barrens?). The sky glows green as he enter a dusty arena -a PvP area, I’d say. He sees the skeleton of a warrior, and he loots the dead man’s shield. He clangs his sword against the shield and an Orc - huge, green, seen mostly from behind - comes into the shot. He’s wielding a bloody warhammer, charges at the human, jumps in the air and... smash cut to the title.

There’s a real Western feel to what we saw. I’m guessing that vibe is how Jones will work in the game’s player vs player duels. It was beautifully, evocatively shot - if this is how the movie actually looks we’re in for something truly special.