The New HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Trailer Feels Very Familiar

Katniss is back at it again.

I didn't like the first Hunger Games film, but I liked the first trailer for the second one a lot, mostly because it focused on interesting political repercussions of the first film's events. Much of this new trailer, which premiered today at Comic-Con, illustrates the same growing angst amongst the proletariat and diabolical machinations those in power plan to utilize to extinguish a possible revolt. I love it.

But then it turns into more Hunger Games stuff. Granted, this time the Games appear to involve past winners, but still, the second half of this trailer just drains me of all excitement the first half built up.

If you can't tell, my ignorance of what happens in this series is quite profound. Perhaps readers know something I don't that makes this trailer much more exciting than I can see. I do like the new outfits, though.